This is the video for “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream” by Grimes.

Everyone seemed to be posting the video yesterday, and the song is pretty good if lighter fare than her last album Visions. Should be interesting to see what the rest of Art Angels sounds like when it comes out next week.

Christine and the Queens

This is the video for “Jonathan” by Christine and the Queens, with guest vocals from Perfume Genius.

The bilingual back and forth between English and French works rather well to convey emotional depths that might otherwise be lost in the one language.

Also, the song does far more for me than the video does. Strikes me as too heavy on the art school thesis aesthetic, if you ask me.


This is a video interview-of-sorts by FACT with Legowelt about his process of creating the tracks he does in the prolific manner for which he is well-known.

Have to admit I found it rather endearing given the outwardly random nature of his process.

The end result is the surprisingly catchy song “Institute of the Overmind”, below.

Laneway Festival 2016

Laneway 2016 gen

I know I wrote previously that I’d have to make the effort to head to Auckland for their Laneway Festival 2016, and I will. I bought mine and Chris’ tickets for it this morning.

What has also transpired is that I’ll need to sort out getting a new passport and book flights across the pond, because I also bought a ticket for the Laneway Festival in Melbourne a few short weeks after the Auckland one.

I know I said the last Melbourne Laneway Festival I went to almost killed me, because it did, and February in Australia next year is apparently meant to be more oppressively uninhabitable than is usual. But. Seeing HEALTH live (again) makes it worth it. Or at least I’ve convinced myself that is true.

I may very well come to regret this decision, but I may as well stick with it. The ticket to the Melbourne Laneway Festival was not cheap.


This is Glasser‘s New Romantic Mix of “Stacks on Stacks” by Bouquet.

Thinking of Grimes reminded me of roadtripping in Japan with Tim, Mio and Piers back in 2012, of a long drive with good friends enjoyed to a soundtrack of Grimes’ Visions and Glasser’s Apply EP, of music that matched the alternating industrial and natural landscapes that slowly shifted in and out of view.


This is “REALiTi” by Grimes.

“REALiTi” was released earlier this year as a ‘lost demo’ from 2013 that wasn’t going to feature on her next album, but I like it all the same for building on the polished sound she achieved with Visions in 2012, which in itself was a maturing from the coarser sound of Geidi Primes in 2010.

I may have to go this time


It would be worth it for Grimes and HEALTH alone, but Battles, CHVRCHES, Hudson Mohawke and Purity Ring make the effort to heading up to a city I have no mount of affection all the more worthwhile.

Not sure if this is a recent thing, but the Auckland line-up seems pretty much the same as the line-up for the Australian Laneways, which makes a change from the soul-crushing anguish that comes from missing out for not heading across the pond.

On the upside, no need to suffer the physically-crippling Australian heat of early February. The last and only time I did that I swear it almost killed me, and then some.

Food dudes

Food Dudes by Mike Mitchell.

I have these guys up on my wall by the fireplace, so one can’t help but enjoy them while walking from one end of the house to the other. I missed out on getting the first four in the series (mug of coffee and a jar of pickles, bottle of tabasco and a donut with colourful sprinkles), but I’m more than happy with the ones I do have.

Next up in the series is a banana and what is either a really squat bratwurst in a bun or a particularly European hot dog. Either way, they both will look great on my wall.

There is room for maybe twelve Food Dudes (six more than I already have up) before they reach floor to ceiling. God only knows what my mother will say when she sees that, but then again this is my house and they’re on my wall, hanging from my floor to my ceiling.