NZCA Lines

This is “Two Hearts” by NZCA Lines.

Individually, the components of the song aren’t especially… well, special, but they do somehow come together to form something wonderfully addictive.

I would kill to see this played live.


This is a televised performance of “On My Mind” by Colder.

This performance forms part of a set screened on what I assume to be Mexican television in 2006. Other performances from this televised session include “Wrong Baby”, “Fade Away”, and “Losing Myself”. These songs feature on Colder’s genuinely seminal album Heat.

I thought I’d post this youtube clip both for two reasons.

Firstly, the song has a raw rhythm that works so well with the monotonous drone of the vocals, at once both competitive and collaborative. The version performed in the youtube takes that song and gives it life in a way that only a live performance possibly could.

Secondly, Heat will always be one of my favourite albums.


This is the ‘early version’ of “Auroch” by Bamboo.

The proper version of the song leads their debut album Prince Pansori Priestess.

I love it. I really do.

It is what I imagine Glasser would sound like if she went acoustic. Similar rhythms. Similar soaring vocals. And yet there is a quality to the songs on the album that is both sparse and full. A quality that suggests a new beginning by experienced hands.

Food dudes

Food dudes by Mike Mitchell.

I have since added these four food dudes to the collection. While the banana and the hot dog are up on the wall, I’m struggling to work out where to put the cupcake and the peanut butter. Might have to move them all to another wall somewhere in the house. That or shift the moose from pride of place above the fireplace.

Chris did ask me how many more of these I was going to get (he likes them but they’re growing in number), and I responded that I’d keep getting them so long as Mike Mitchell continued to make ones worth getting. If my toy collection is any indication, I have a habit of collecting things well beyond the point anyone else would stop and move on to something else.

This is not a habit I intend to break anytime soon.


This is the video for “Flesh without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream” by Grimes.

Everyone seemed to be posting the video yesterday, and the song is pretty good if lighter fare than her last album Visions. Should be interesting to see what the rest of Art Angels sounds like when it comes out next week.

Christine and the Queens

This is the video for “Jonathan” by Christine and the Queens, with guest vocals from Perfume Genius.

The bilingual back and forth between English and French works rather well to convey emotional depths that might otherwise be lost in the one language.

Also, the song does far more for me than the video does. Strikes me as too heavy on the art school thesis aesthetic, if you ask me.


This is a video interview-of-sorts by FACT with Legowelt about his process of creating the tracks he does in the prolific manner for which he is well-known.

Have to admit I found it rather endearing given the outwardly random nature of his process.

The end result is the surprisingly catchy song “Institute of the Overmind”, below.